Actor Ajith had recently arranged for a birthday party for his son Adhvik in a 5 Star hotel. It was a closed function wherein only his relatives and close friends were invited. Ajit had called upon a makeup artist for Shalini. He had come early and hence did makeup for Shalini and her Sister Shamli as well.As Ajith was busy attending the guests and relatives, he asked about the makeup artist only after the crowd started dissolving. When he asked Shalini “Where is the makeup man?”, She said “He had left long back”
Since he was worried that he didn’t get paid and didn’t have dinner, he called up the makeup man even though it was past 12 in the night.
When Ajith expressed his concern about his pay and apologised for not ensuring he had dinner, the voice at the other end started sobbing. “Ajith sir, I’m just a makeup artist and you don’t have to apologise to me, ” said the makeup man and said that he had dinner even though he didn’t.
“I called you for the makeup and I would like to pay you myself. But I’ll be out of station tomorrow,” said Ajith. “That’s okay! I shall come when you get back, Sir” said the makeup man.


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