Professor Sonya Solves a simple mathematical equation.

Question to the professor

Reporter: Who pays on the first date?

Professor : Yes, you know I’m a big feminist, but I believe  that men should pick up the check on the first date.

Reporter: Why?

Professor: I explain. Its just math. A simple mathematical equation.Okay When a man and woman begin the date, men are already in debt to you.

Reporter: Why?

Professor: Well, we spend a lot of money to look like our dating profile picture. Okay you see

Blowout – $50,Manicure – $15, /425 for gel, plus tip $35. Eyebrow threading $15.lipstick? Tom ford – $30. Brazilian bikini wax for my Russian forest – $35 group-on.

So you see? Already $200 you owe me. So, yes. You buy me steak dinner, you buy me a nice bottle of wine I’m gonna need it for the Brazilian bikini. You ask me if I want dessert and you pay for my Uber home.

Its just math. And you still owe me $35.

But I forgive you.




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